Flower Show 2022

We had to call off our Annual Flower Show for 2021, the restrictions around Covid19 making it difficult to organise and probably less enjoyable to attend. The hall booking was postponed until 26 February 2022 so now we will have a late summer show. The flowers on show will be quite different to what we have got used to lately, and there will be fruit and veggies on display as well. All in all, a very different show, held this year in the newly-refurbished Memorial Hall.

There is a new schedule to take account of what we will have in our gardens in late summer or early autumn:-

2022 Flower Show Schedule – Categories for Display

Section A: Cut Flowers

A1: One stem Hydrangea.

A2: One stem Hibiscus or Abutilon.

A3: One stem Rose.

A4: One stem other flowering shrub, tree, or climber.

A5: One stem native flower or foliage.

A6: One stem Orchid.

A7a: One stem large flowering bulb or rhizome e.g. lily, gladiolus etc.

A7b: One stem small flowering bulb or rhizome e.g. tuberose, alstroemeria etc.

A8: One stem Dahlia

A9: One stem other flower.

A10: One stem most unusual flower.

A11: One small posy, mixed or same variety, 12cm wide max

Section B: Kitchen

B1: One bunch or pot of herbs.

B2: Fruit, 1 to 3 entries of 1 variety.

B3: Vegetable: 1 to 3 entries of 1 variety.

Section C: Pot Plants

C1: Pot plant, glasshouse or indoors grown.

C2: Pot plant, outdoors grown.

Section D: Cactus and Succulent

D1: Small pot of cacti or succulents.

D2: Large pot of cacti or succulents

Section E: Hanging Baskets

E1: Hanging basket of flowers or foliage.

E2: Hanging basket of veg.

Please have your entries in the hall between 9:00 and 10:30 a.m.

You can download a copy of the schedule here.

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