About Us


The group was started in 1911 and held its first flower show in 1912.

Throughout the 1900’s,as the local townships grew, its aim was primarily the “beautification” of the district. It did this by raising and planting many hundreds of Pohutukawa trees, as well as Norfolk Island pines, and a good many other trees and shrubs, leaving a legacy which is easy to see today.

Today we are a group of people who like their gardens, and get together regularly to share our successes and look for help with our failures – your local garden club.


We meet on the first Friday of every month except January at the Ocean Road Community Centre in Paraparaumu Beach.

The monthly meetings are really two meetings: an afternoon meeting which starts at 1.30 p.m. and is the Floral Art group, and an evening meeting which starts at 7 p.m. and is the Garden Club group. As a club member you can come to one or the other or both, just as you please.

You will find all the usual garden club things: sales, raffles, a show bench, visiting speakers, as well as a garden tool clean and sharpen service, and a lending library.

Outside of the monthly meetings we put on a flower show once a year; we also do some planting for Arbor Day , and enjoy various garden-related trips.

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