newsletter for march 2021

From Rhonda

Hi everyone We are back on track after a brief sojourn at level two. Because of Level 2 our AGM was postponed. Marilyn has rescheduled this for Friday 19th after which there will be a cup of tea, chat and review. No sales table this month though. We will however meet as usual next month. There will be one change in the committee going forward. If elected to the committee, Julian has agreed to act as Vice President to Rhonda, a role for which he is more than able.

My picture is of my Pohutukawa and I will welcome comments.

The bottom is variegated but the top appears to have different foliage and flowers. I am planting lettuces and neighbour’s are trimming some of our native trees which are essentially forest trees and are reaching for the sky blocking their sun.

Remember when I see you all in April it will be a week later than usual, April 9th, when we will be back with sales, raffles and the usual competitions.

From Julian

Harvesting seeds from flowers.

I’m getting next season’s marigolds and carnations, two ‘ordinary’ garden flowers with large seeds which are easy to collect, and reliable when it comes to growing new plants. Collect the seeds when they are dry by shaking them into a paper bag or envelope and store them somewhere cool and dry. If you had mixed colours before and you want to keep the full range, try to take one or two pods from each plant instead of being tempted by the biggest and best.

Marigolds often come up on their own the next year if they are growing in a warm sunny spot, but you can get more plants and have them flowering earlier by collecting seed and sowing it under cover in spring. Carnations (and other dianthus – little bedding varieties, taller scented pinks etc.) are much hardier, so they can be sown straight away or kept until spring. Either way I would sow the seed in a tray or small pots then prick out the seedlings when they are big enough to handle.

From Judi

I trust everyone is well and still enjoying some form of gardening..maybe getting things ready for some Autumn planting.

Looking around mine, it’s great to see some Roses showing new growth and buds after I did a light prune a month  or so back plus I have some very late Delphiniums flowering in pots.. a really nice soft blue colour. I have enclosed a picture of some awesome looking corn putting on a great show but sadly they tell a very different story.. Travelling up the stalks are hundreds of ants and they are obviously after the yummy husks .I managed to rescue 3 corn cobs on the back plants, but really they needed a little more ripening. When I cooked them up they were nice and soft  but quite insipid to taste… oh well. The silverbeet next to them is thriving well with big leaves and I give plenty away to the family, etc

I grew my usual green peppers this year but hadn’t realised there were some chilli amongst them so that was a bonus. One of my jobs in the ‘to do list’ is to pull out all my old strawberry plants as they are at least 3yrs old and this year they only gave me tiny fruits. Hmm, wonder what I will grow in their place. Looks like a visit to Mitre 10 to check out some seedlings is on the agenda.

Plus I plan to go through all the saved bulbs I tucked away in a box somewhere and start planting them up for a Spring showing. As I write this, it’s raining so it’s really great. I’m not having to go out with the hose as it’s been quite dry in my garden with so many plants…

From Diana

A reminder to all the ladies in the Afternoon Floral Group – There will be no April meeting as the date has fallen on Good Friday at Easter and it was decided to cancel rather than reschedule. That being the case, the next meeting will be May 7th and the competition will be a design entirely of leaves, the overall winner taking the Mary Whale Trophy.

The March meeting went ahead as usual, with the AGM first, then the judging of the designs for Irish Eyes,  and a workshop for the May competition as well as a demonstration of ikebana.

The AGM confirmed all the executive positions for the AFG as well the committee as sent out in the Notice of AGM:. Diana Unsworth – President, Judith Kerr – Secretary, Zena Knight – Treasurer. Kay Cresswell has agreed to stand as Vice President to Diana. The other committee members are Yvonne Thomas, Vivienne Kerr, June Scott.

The winners  for the floral designs were:

Stage 1 – Judith Kerr, Stage 2 – Liz Wilson, Stage 3 – Yvonne Thomas, Stage 4 – Zena Knight.

From Marilyn

As Rhonda mentioned, we will be having our rescheduled AGM on Friday 19th at 7pm. If you have email, you will have got a note to this effect earlier in the week and those without email have had a phone call about it. So far I haven’t had anyone come forward to say that they would be prepared to help out on the committee, but do think about it. It would certainly be a great help to have an extra body or two.

A reminder  regarding our April meeting – We agreed at the last club meeting that this would be held over until the week after Easter. It is now 9th April at the usual time of 7pm at the Ocean Rd Hall. The ‘Flower’ of the Month will be Autumn Foliage, which should be at its best for then. The speaker is John Bangiovanni, whose topic is Bonsai.

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