newsletter 27 january 2021

From Rhonda

Hi everyone

Welcome back to what I am sure will be an interesting year one way or another.

Your committee is up and running again and preparing for the next meeting on the fifth of February.  Murray Bridges will be our guest speaker. Note for new members – Murray is one of our resident experts and some will remember him from the Good Morning Show on the TV. Murray will be sharing his knowledge and telling us what we need to know  in the month of February.

The weather over Christmas has not been summery –  indeed I heard it was hailing last week in Otaki. I had two garden surprises this month: a small black lily and a small pink one both of the Arum family,  and of course a wonderful display of everyone’s favorite, the Fairy rose.

Happy New year and see you on the 5th. Marilyn will post the Flower of the month.

From Judi

Hi  everyone

As I write this, the high squally winds are playing havoc with my beautiful summer garden. Dahlias have reached 6ft  tall and a lovely yellow cream lily with 11 heads on it has got to 8ft. Most of the dahlias are okay because I did manage to stake them 2 months ago before they grew, plus they kind of are supporting each other.  (I do have a habit of growing everything close together). I had extra tubers and I put these all in very large pots. I didn’t really have enough time to buy more stakes because of being in and out of hospital with my daughter’s leukemia treatment. Anyway, every one of those in pots has broken off or fallen over, along with my sweet peas.

The crazy wild weather has almost wrecked them,.but not all bad as prior to all of that, I have totally enjoyed all the amazing colours, beautiful details and forms on every different flower pattern, as no doubt you are also. We are all blessed with stunning designs in nature, no matter what plant or shrub we look at.

I do still have the continuous Compassion rose and couple of the smaller shrublets like Baby Jack, as well as some wonderful hydrangeas putting on a splendid show too.

I am looking forward to our first club night  in February where we can all have a great catch up. It will be interesting to hear what everyone’s doing in the garden

From Julian

World’s Biggest Hydrangea

Unless you know of a bigger one! It must have really enjoyed all that extra rain we had in November, nearly two and a half times the average for the month. The variety is Geoffrey Chadbund.

What is this?

Springing up among summer bedding, it lives  invisibly underground for most of the year, attached to the roots of whatever plant it is feeding on, then suddenly appears when it wants to flower. It doesn’t seem to be doing the tagetes much harm, however, except for not fitting in with the colour scheme. Its English name is broomrape; Orobanche in Latin.

From Marilyn

Like Judi, I am revelling in the bold and beautiful in the garden at the moment.

Evening Primrose has self- sown throughout the front garden and adds height and colour  – it matches the standard yellow roses that they are amongst. They are pretty much the same height as well.

Earlier the self-sown shirley poppies were filling a near-by  area. A good reason not to weed as you never know what else might pop up. Last year I transplanted most of my dahlias into one bed and that is now a riot of colour. My Christmas lilies were out for Christmas, followed by a steady stream of other lilies coming and going.

The rose that has amazed me this season is another transplant. It came from a shady nook and it really didn’t do anything there at all. Over winter it was given a new home in a sunny spot and it has flowered continuously from mid-November and is still going strong. The rose is called Lemon ‘n Lime and has a delicate fruity perfume. It is not a large bush and I can thoroughly recommend it if you want a moderate-sized rose for a smaller garden.

Now, on to business. We will be having our usual competitions at the club night. The Flower of the Month for the Pat Browne Trophy will be a stem from a summer bulb or tuber. The Sales Table will be up and running as will our raffles.

Just a reminder that the following meeting in March will start with our AGM, probably only half an hour will be needed, and we will be electing our new committee. This year it would be good to have a couple of new faces join us. Think on it and if you can spare a bit of time to help out, please let us know. We would love to have you on board.

For the Afternoon Floral Group

Your first meeting will be on the 5th as well. This year’s Competition Table will start with your design for “St Valentine’s Day” and the workshop will be for St Patrick’s Day, with lots of greenery ornaments( a leprechaun?) and maybe even a green container.

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