newsletter 23 september 2020

From Rhonda

Hi everyone Good news for us all…back to covid level one which means our flower show is very likely to go ahead as normal. Your committee is getting organised, so hopefully are you. Please check the categories Julian has written for you.

Thank you all for your advice on wild flower gardens. My seeds arrived yesterday so I mixed them with some Flanders poppies and Marie’s bee mix. It conveniently rained last night so I can’t wait to see what will happen.

I spread them under my avocado tree…the self-planted one that did nothing until we spent a fortune on cultivated ones. The tree is covered in thousands of flowers. I wonder if the bees will oblige because there truly are thousands of flowers. Our lemon tree is still covered in big fat juicy lemons if any-one would like some let me know. I have made marmalade and lemon curd and will start freezing them ready for next winter.

Hopefully the markets and venues will be open this week so we are feeling pretty blessed compared to the state of some countries. See you all soon at Ocean Road on 2nd October, Rhonda Edwards

From Julian – Bare-Root Orchids

I am having a bit of an experiment here. This North-West corner gets no sun, except late in the day during high Summer. Overhead there is a variegated Pittosporum and a Camellia trained as small trees, and the ground beneath is colonised by yellow Canna and purple violets. It seems like a good place to try growing these two cymbidiums with their roots among the plants and leaf-litter on the ground. They are both out of their pots and I’m hoping that the violets will grow all over their roots and act like a growing medium, while the Canna stems shelter them from the wind, especially over Winter. The pink Cymbidium has already spent a year here, albeit in its pot, and is flowering well, so the location must suit it; I hope they are just as happy next Spring!

From Judi

Hi all, What a difference a week makes once spring has arrived. Two of my blue Iris have popped open. Just about every Ajuga blue is standing like a soldier along the borders and a gorgeous pink Azalea has brightened a dark area of the garden.

Last week I showed a couple ofcream blooms had opened on one of my Rhodos but this week, it’s putting on quite a show so now I just can’t wait till the rest catch up and do their flowering as I have pink, purples and red yet to come. Sadly, we all know they only last about three weeks.

In the wheelbarrow (top right) there is a white Bacopa putting on a nice display. I didn’t know it was going to do so well there so it was a bonus after I took it out of it’s small overcrowded pot. it’s good to try different things from time to time.

On the weekend, I cleaned up my kitchen windowsill and used various mini vases and bowls, etc to display some different coloured succulents. I also potted up some for the sales table for the flower show in October. We can all do half a dozen cuttings or so of anything you have spare lying around. Self-sown seedlings popping up are great to lift this time of year – violas, pansies, any vege as well. I have lots of extra perpetual spinach so that’s what I will be doing tomorrow.

Keep smiling everyone, we just got the news we are now back down to Level one so it’s time to celebrate Cheers Judi

From Andrew

I recently wanted some stainless screw eyes for ropes to support vines on my pergola. The ones I considered are about $6 each, but I found these nifty “Q-hangers” in a 12-pack for just under $23 at Mitre10 (under $2 ea). They combine the features of a screw eye and hook.

My vegetables going to seed (Rocket, Kale) around the birdbath have created a nice cottage garden effect. Either side in the background are two dogwood trees. My limes are yellow! Here’s a Tahitian lime, a Yen Ben dwarf lemon and a Bearss dwarf lime. I intend labelling these trees to help future picking. When I cut the limes open they are slightly green, having more segments and thinner skin than lemons. And – yes, they are really bitter!

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