From Rhonda

Hello Horti people

Here we go again back into lockdown though not so bad this time as we know the ropes.

My garden will benefit hugely as I will have time to do those many little jobs that I have neglected. My spinach and miners lettuce keep us in winter greens and my elephant garlic is flourishing.

We have buds in the fruit trees and the plums are in bloom. My garden surprise this month is the miniature daffodil pictured here with one of my King Alfreds.

I bought three of Merle’s white polyanthus from our market stall and my grandchildren took them and planted them in their garden by their playhouse. The plants are in bloom and look wonderful in the shade and I wish I had purchased heaps more.

Spring is always exciting and we have a wonderful climate here in Kapiti so we do not experience the dramatic transition in the Southern region. I still have a small pot of Cape Gooseberries I have been nurturing for I think it was Jill and some red geranium cuttings Fay brought for someone. I will bring them to the next meeting which is currently on hold until further notice. We will send out weekly updates and keep you posted. People who are not on the internet will be given a phone call if there are any dramatic changes.

Keep safe and hope to see you all again soon

Kind regards ,Rhonda

From Judi

Good morning all. I’m sure many have been out in their gardens with all the glorious sunny days we’ve had. I’ve chosen to move some of my Dahlias back a bit. I gave them a dressing of Blood & Bone and a handful of slow release fertilizer before a layer of pea straw.

The photo attached is a couple of new ones I couldn’t resist. One could never have too many of these beautiful show stoppers. It’s a pity they are never out in time for our Flower Show.

Apart from that, time has been spent tidying up lots of little areas that needed attention. I think I’m starting to feel much fitter because of being back in the garden more so that’s always a plus.

Happy gardening everyone, Judi

From Diana

We had a good meeting at the Afternoon Floral Group on August 7th and the ladies did well with their designs.

The AFG committee have decided that they will hold the afternoon meeting in September, making sure that all the measures required to safely hold the meeting will be put in place For our next competition, it’s BOUNCE INTO SPRING. Our workshop will be a practice for October’s design “THE WITCHING HOUR (HALLOWEEN)”. Any dark container, eg old black pot, artificial pumpkins or real! Scoop out, eyes shaped, small light globe inside, torch, black ornamental cat (real one if you like!) witches, orange\black sweets, orange\black drapes, anything scary, leaves, remember cans of black and orange paint to spray anything.

Any member of the KHS is welcome to attend the afternoon group as your subs cover both afternoon and evening meetings.

From Marilyn

Mum and Dad live in Auckland and we were lucky enough to be able to celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary with them and leave to come home before that lockdown occurred. Unfortunately I missed our monthly get-together and it sounds as though the speaker was one I would have liked to have caught up with. (I have often thought I would like to try my hand at bee-keeping.

As we didn’t get home until Tuesday last week after a stopover in Tauranga, I was delighted to find that most of my hellebores had used the time since I left to move from bud to full bloom. I never realised how many I had in the garden.

Dutch irises are also opening up and the erlicheer and snowdrops are hanging around so there is colour again in the garden. And while I can’t top Rhonda’s plums in bloom, I do have two blossoms on my dwarf peach tree – despite a week of frosts. Where we are, we seem to lose the effect of the sea-breeze and have had frost most mornings – twice in the last week, we have been down to -2C. Shouldn’t have too many bugs left after this.

I had mentioned that we had revised the Rules for the Society and were intending to hold a Special Meeting at the start of our usual Friday evening meeting. With the uncertainty of the way this Covid resurgence will go, we are waiting for things to come back to normal before proceeding with this.

From the Evening Competition Table

Flower of the month – Pauline Steel with an unnamed daffodil

Best Bloom – Rhonda Edwards with a Tibouchina

Most Unusual – Marie O’Sullivan with a Euphorbia wulfenii flower

Fruit and Veg – Julian Chadwick with a Chinese cabbage ‘Napa Blues’

Well done everyone!

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