From Rhonda

Hi everyone

The weather has been kinder this last week and we are back in the garden.

Julian has been here advising Frank on pruning and I have planted garlic and more gladiolus, couldn’t resist the new bulbs at Mitre 10.

The king of my garden currently is my miners lettuce which has seeded and spread and we are using in our daily salads.

Our speaker for next week has cancelled for family reasons and has been replaced by Shaun Wakeford the president of the Beekeepers Association who will tell us about our main pollinators without which we and our plants would not exist. He will have honey for sale.

My heavily laden lemon tree is ready for picking, really good crop this year. Our Tamarillo trees have survived the frost but will they fruit?

My photo is one of my many pot plants!

See you all next week

From Judi

Hi all.

I trust everyone been enjoying the glorious sunny days we’ve been having. I had a go at pruning my Feijoa trees -getting way too big for the garden. You will see in the collage picture my pink hellebores finally popped their heads. I remembered what Murray told us last year to get rid of the bigger leaves to make room for the flower because they shoot up from the ground. One of the roses I haven’t pruned yet is called Baby Jack and is still flowering. It’s a little shrublet and puts on a stunning show all through summer – in this case never stopped, so it’s a bonus as not a lot this time of year.

I’m happy with the meyer lemons this year as I have plenty and 3months ago I put half a bag of citrus fertilizer around the dripline. I’ve also been digging up excess dahlia tubers for friends and another garden group but will bring some for the sales table next month. There’s plenty to go round.

Well it’s time to make the church arrangement before Sunday which is now going to be artificial so if anyone does have a couple of spare ruby red or yellow tinge colour flowers not being in use or hiding in the cupboard please let me know – I’d appreciate them. (Medium size length not too tall a stem) Thank you. Keep smiling. See you all Fri 7th August…. Cheers Judi

From Julian

Ileodictyon cibarium – Basket Fungus

This has got to be the most artificial-looking piece of the living world ever, and it just popped up in the garden after a one of those rainy nights earlier this month. Amazing!

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