newsletter 20 June 2020

From Julian

It is the shortest day tomorrow, mid-winter already, we even had a light frost on the grass last Sunday morning. Our benevolent climate allows for very little winter down-time in the garden; my very little front garden, all 10 square metres of it, is getting a quick make over. Where it was mainly full of summer annuals it is now going to be a few shrubs and perennials, meaning I can smother it in mulch and do less weeding. The challenge is going to be keeping up a supply of picking flowers. Here is a picture of last summer’s flowerheads on Hydrangea petiolaris ‘Limelight’, now a lovely soft brown, the colour my mother used to call fawn

From Marilyn

With the warmer autumn weather we had, I have managed to relocate 2 rhododendrons and 11 roses. Just today I discovered the last of the roses had new shoots to show a success. I now have a 100% take of all of them. To me, that’s amazing. But to prove it is not a flash in the pan, take a look at this camellia, Red Imperial. It has taken 3 years to recover from the sulks but it was a big tree (nearly 2m) when I shifted it so not really surprising. This year it is smothered in buds and with my white daphne starting to open up near-by, my red and white garden will definitely be colourful for the next few weeks.

From Rhonda

Hi everyone, it’s been a bit of a wet week so not so much gardening happening. I did however follow Julian’s advice about seedlings and had a perfect strike rate. Four sets of seedlings on my kitchen bench waiting to be planted. I am so pleased because I love sweet peas and have never had much luck with them before. We had a road trip to Te Horo and returned with huge avocados, two plants, large bunch daffodils, and more pears Doyenne du Comice…fabulous. Weather forecast looking good so back in the garden soon. Midwinter is also the time to get those garlic bulbs in, you don’t need a garden – remember Murrays demo when he planted garlic in a pot. Another good thing our Farmers Market is back. I bought a red Kaka beak five dollars and a beautiful pot plant in pot six dollars and Ollie and I filled the trolley with vegies. Ollie found a giant cabbage and insisted I buy it and a giant Daekon. We really do live in paradise. Stay safe and hope to see you all again soon.

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