newsletter 10 june 2020

From Rhonda

Another beautiful covid free day and now level one. Heaps to celebrate. The level gives us the excuse to get out and about to maximize living on the coast. Here even a visit to the beach is always a treat and the local coffee is as good as any.

The weather has been perfect for the garden and we have a selection of greens that we pick each day.

The organic farm at Te Horo (Kebbels farm..worth a visit)  taught us how to use either outside leaves or  cut across the top to get second harvests. My grandson replanted leek bases to create another plant just as we as children loved growing pineapple and carrot tops.

My lemons are readying for a bumper crop and my surprise this week is a purple anemone

Now that we are in level one, it is likely our July meeting will go ahead so we will keep you posted.

From Diana

I am quite limited here even though I’m Head Gardener!!!of the front and back gardens. My daughter-in-law prefers a white& green garden!!!!! hard when I’m used to lots of colour!!! If anyone has bits of WHITE anything, I’d be very grateful for any left overs!!! To keep everyone happy, I do as I’m told, (mostly!!!)

I forgot to mention earlier, that I am competing with a White!! 6 year old rabbit!!!!with a large appetite!! I’ll say no more!! And a very energetic Fox terrier/ Poodle cross – again,I’ll say no more!!!! I hope we meet next month,so much catching up to do!!!! I’m ready for the Winter!!! are you???

From Marilyn

I can sympathise with Diana. I had these two punnets of seedlings( (silverbeet and beetroot) on a shelf in my potting shelter which is open all the time, front and back. When I went to plant these, I found that my feathered friends had found them and pruned them down to stalks.

Not happy,  so went for a walk to regain my sense of humour, only to find that they also liked my lovely broad bean plants in the garden and had stripped half of those as well. I am now frantically netting up everything.

Happy gardening.

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